1. What is Nafuu IPF?

This is a facility that enables you to pay your insurance premium in instalments rather than one lumpsum

2. What is the key information to establish from a customer who wants an IPF facility?

a. Amount of premium to be financed
b. Period of insurance for the policy (ies)
c. Insurance Company (ies)
d. Number of installments required i.e. 3 months

3. Are there any Limitations in applying for an NAFUU facility?

a. A down payment of 25% of the premium value is required
b. The insurance policies being financed must be placed with Insurance Companies acceptable to us.

4. Is Nafuu workable for all types of insurance?

No. Nafuu is workable with only motor vehicle insurance policies

5. What are the benefits in Nafuu to the Customer?

Alternative source of borrowing
Convenient and simple documentation
Easy application process
No credit appraisal
Quick processing time
No hidden charges or fees
Competitive pricing

6. You have accepted to use IPF. What next?

The process

1. Fill in our IPF application form.
2. Give us a current cheque for the first instalment or pay cash.
3. Give us postdated cheques or standing order for the remaining consecutive monthly instalments

7. What is the security in these IPF facilities?

Guarantees from the relevant insurance companies undertaking to refund the refundable premium on demand in case of default by the customer.

8. How long does it take to pay the Insurance Company(s)?

On completion of Registration and payment of down payments, the insurer is paid instantly.

9. What happens if the Customer defaults?

1. Give the customer 5 days notice of cancellation of the insurance policies financed.
2. After 5 days write to the Insurance Company requesting for the cancellation of policies financed and demanding our refundable premium.

10. Do you have a support number?

Yes, the call center support number is +255 22 277 4012 or email queries at info@nafuu.co.tz

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